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Download the map for the Medieval city for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.81

Download a map of the Medieval City for Minecraft PE : plunge into the world of the past for several centuries and study the buildings of the old school of architecture.

Best maps for Medieval City for Minecraft PE

The world of Minecraft PE content is constantly updated. This is facilitated by the constant updating of the game. After all, developers do not forget about periodic updates. They are introducing new types of blocks, of which there are already more than 100 pieces, items like an armor rack.

Such efforts are not in vain, because every day there are several interesting cards. And one of them will definitely be made in the setting of the Middle Ages, because the game itself encourages this.

For this reason, many Minecraft PE players keep an eye on the maps coming out and have an unusual survival experience.

Kingdom of Verona

A huge kingdom called Verona, created by the efforts of just one player – ZombieSteven.

It is worth noting that the world is a port from the PC version of Minecraft PE.

This map of a medieval city is ideal for all lovers of antiquity . Here you can find small houses of peasants, and the king’s castle, and defensive towers.

The card maker did not forget about the entertainment of that time. At the location, you can find an arena for holding knightly tournaments with barrels of alcohol for spectators.


A small medieval town not far from the mountain. The favorable geographical location on the river allows it to develop at a rapid pace in Minecraft PE.

On the map you can find many houses of residents, a fountain in the main square. The author, under the nickname Funkymunke, did not forget about the portal to the Lower World, which is beautifully designed.

You can use such a location on a medieval city on Minecraft PE both for recording videos on YouTube, and for simple survival with friends.

For the last point, all the conditions are created here: spacious houses, a portal, farms, resource supplies and much more.


  • What awaits users on the map of a medieval city?

    In these locations, players will have to explore ancient kingdoms and try to survive in a harsh world.
  • What is the best way to start survival on such maps?

    First, it is recommended to explore the city, and then choose a place for your dwelling.
  • What interesting things can be found on such maps on Minecraft PE?

    You can discover full-fledged castles of kings, explore the old style of medieval architects and much more.