Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Wild Update

Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: find out all about Elley’s changes, search for the right biome through the team and much more!

What’s new in Minecraft

The update, called Wild Update, continued with the release of a new edition of Minecraft PE The authors of the game improved Elley, expanded the list of teams, and also made some corrections.


The creators from Mojang are making sure that Minecraft mobs are improved. For example, they improved Elley’s behavior. The creature is known to dance next to the music block. And if the music stops, the mob ends the dance.

By the way, Elley will play new sounds if you give him an amethyst shard during the dance. Items in the creature’s hands glow. Also, the mob will now follow the player through portals in the Nether.

The merchant llama has its own summon egg in Minecraft PE, so the animal can be easily created.

Frogs will no longer spawn in running water in shallow water.

Mangrove swamps

A picturesque biome can provide the player with a lot of useful blocks. Mangroves occupy almost the entire territory of the new swamps in Minecraft and become sources of wood.

By the way, the Mangrove swamps are inhabited by locals who look like villagers.

Other changes

Minecraft PE has more commands. For example, Bedrock Edition players can use /locate to find a location. The developers have added the cause of death to the appropriate screen.

By the way, errors that occurred when changing dimensions in previous versions have been fixed.

A number of gameplay-related bugs have also been fixed. The developers have made it so that in Minecraft doors no longer push users during closing.

An interesting feature is the special sounds that occur when the player is equipped with armor.