Download village maps for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download village maps for Minecraft PE: a huge number of cozy settlements will brighten up your survival.

What are village maps in Minecraft PE?

In the world of Minecraft PE, there is a natural generation of villages . However, some players find them boring. Usually houses and beds of standard settlements of residents were only robbed.

Recently, Mojang developers have significantly redesigned villages, but this is still not enough for someone.

Especially for such people there are maps with beautiful villages from various enthusiasts. They will be able to satisfy even the most sophisticated users.


On this map for Minecraft PE, a village is built, which is surrounded by a tall wall . The barrier is necessary to protect the villagers from various enemies. Also, the lighting of the village is automated using redstone mechanisms.

Important: Instead of the usual torches, lamps with a night light sensor are installed throughout the village.

It is worth noting the competent use of the free space of the territory. All houses are at an acceptable distance from each other. The settlement is also home to many beautiful trees , which adds coziness to the map.


The village of this map for Minecraft PE is infected by bloodthirsty zombies . Players will have to clear the entire settlement from the walking dead. A team of at least two users will best cope with the task.

Therefore, call as many friends as possible for joint survival. This approach will make it much easier to get rid of zombies and rebuild the village.


The author of the presented map built a a medieval village with a huge castle. The fortress in Minecraft PE got the beautiful name Hamilton Feof. It can be used for role-playing or just exploring.

The territory is distinguished by a very detailed study of the little things . Here you will find both deep mine passages and tall towers. In addition, the settlement has burials, a market and clock towers.

Jungle Village

During the global update of the villages of Minecraft PE, the developers for some reason bypassed the jungle . This is the only biome to which a unique village has not been added.

Fortunately, this oversight can be resolved with this map. A fan-made concept of a jungle settlement was built on it.


  • How is the lighting in the first map automated?

    Lanterns with night light sensors are built on it.
  • What is the name of the castle in the medieval village of Minecraft PE?

    The fortress is called Hamilton Feof.
  • The generation of which villagers' settlements have not been added to the game by the developers?

    Mojang didn't add a village to the jungle.