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Download Minecraft for android with working Xbox Live and meet new biomes in the Nether and with creatures like hoglins and piglins!

Minecraft PE Nether Update

The new branch of Minecraft PE version is a complete change and transformation of Hell . The Nether now has 3 new biomes and 2 creatures that have very interesting abilities.


The main feature of the Infernal Update is two new mobs. Minecraft PE now has mobs such as piglins and hoglins .


These mobs in Minecraft appear in groups in the crimson forest . Depending on who is facing the Piglins, they will switch between aggressive and neutral behavior.

These infernal pigsnears are aggressive for players, but if they are wearing gold armor, then the Piglins will switch to passive.

Piglins are equipped with crossbows and golden swords. Mobs have an exchange function. If a player throws a gold bar nearby, the piglin will take it, giving you the sword.

In the ordinary world, Piglins cannot exist. If you take them out of hell, then in 20 seconds this monster will become an ordinary zombie pig.


As it has already become clear, the main mobs of hell have something to do with pigs and the Hoglins are no exception. They are aggressive swine bots that spawn in the crimson forest .

Fact: These are the only aggressive mobs in Minecraft Bedrock looking for food.

Like Piglins, Hellbats spawn in groups. Hoglins have a 75% chance of being adults . These mobs attack like golems: they will throw the player into the air.

Tip: To escape their wrath, it is recommended to find the hellish mushrooms and stand next to them, because in this case they will not attack.

Also, Hoglins cannot swim in water and begin to drown.


Minecraft Pocket Edition after a long time introduced a new natural structure – bastions . This building itself will be like an outpost.

The structure will be guarded by piglins and regenerate completely randomly in the hellish world.


Minecraft Bedrock Edition is dramatically changing hell . Now it will have three new biomes that have their own vegetation, properties, blocks and shades.

Valley of Soul Sand

The new biome is part of the Nether and has unique mini-structures in the form of fossils. At first glance, this is an area consisting only of the sand of the souls and the soil of the soul. But in fact, the biome in Minecraft represents a whole system of combinations.

For example, you can observe huge lava oceans , with large basalt columns. Blue fire permeates all objects in this world.

Crimson Forest

A unique area in which almost every element has various shades of red. Crimson Forest is a large mushroom with weeping vines and mushroom lights .

Interesting: Initially it was believed that this one in Minecraft PE, will be called the “red forest of hellish growth” due to the fact that you can find everywhere there this is a plant.

There are also clusters of crimson blocks and light stones on the surface. A special feature is that it contains a fog of bright red color.

Twisted Forest

The main part of the distorted forest in Minecraft consists of new blocks that have this name. The primary colors that can be observed are blue and turquoise .

In structure, it has a great resemblance to the crimson forest. Large blue mushrooms with elements of hellstone and distorted Nyli. From the vegetation there is distorted roots and hellish sprouts . The fog is dark blue in color.

Interesting: The Distorted Forest is the only biome in Hell that has Endermen within it.


  • What's new in the new version of Minecraft

    There are now 3 new biomes and 2 creatures in the nether world that have very interesting abilities.
  • Who are the Hoglins and Piglins?

    These are two aggressive mobs that have the image of pigs and have unique abilities.
  • What will the bastion be used for in Minecraft PE

    This building itself is like an outpost.