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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download for free the full version of the Hellish update Minecraft for Android with a working Xbox Live and check out the new Nether world!

MCPE – What has changed?

If a player descends into Hell in Minecraft PE, then he will not recognize this dimension. After all, now there are completely different locations, mobs and even blocks.


Minecraft has five new mobs. Among them there is such a mob as hoglin . It is a rather large creature that lives in the crimson forest.

Upon death, meat drops from it. Thus, you can get food right in the Nether world, without leaving it.

Hoglins can be propagated and scared away. They treat the player extremely negatively and immediately attack him.


In addition to the appearance of new mobs, there are also bug fixes in Minecraft PE For example, small zoglins now have cute big heads . Also, foxes no longer take damage when falling on berries.

Remains of the bastion

This structure is a very large structure in Minecraft Remnants of the Bastion are generated only in Hell and can often be found among Hellstones. This structure contains numerous rooms and a treasury.

In the rooms you can find chests with valuable things. But they are protected by brutal piglins . This is a more brutal type of piglins that attack much harder. In addition, they have the largest number of lives among all the inhabitants of the Hellworld.

Working on bugs in Minecraft

And finally, some bugs that are no longer in Minecraft PE

  • Soul speed boots no longer get stuck on mobs or player;
  • observers no longer get stuck in an active state when moving by a piston;
  • the game no longer crashes if the player opens the shulker box he is standing on.


  • How to breed hoglins in Minecraft PE

    With the help of crimson mushrooms.
  • How to find the remains of the bastion?

    The / locate bastionremnant command will help with this.
  • How to scare away hoglins?

    It is necessary to place a distorted mushroom next to it.