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Download Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of the water and chemical update Minecraft for android with a working Xbox Live and hurry to find the buried treasure!

Minecraft PE – What’s New?

This update is called the Aquatic Update . And it’s not in vain, since the water world has undergone great changes. The game has many new water structures, as well as creatures. Also worth noting is the the ability to switch to the educational edition . Here players can take advantage of elements from the Chemisty Update .


In Minecraft, the developers from Mojang added several new locations and structures at once. For example, sailing on the sea and looking at its bottom, you may notice a sunken ship . This ship will have 3 different chests. There will be a treasure map in the chest located in the captain’s cabin. This map will point to a new structure – buried treasure .

In addition to the buried ship, the game now also has water ruins, in which you can find chests with valuable things.


Quite an interesting innovation in Minecraft PE This weapon can be used for both melee and ranged combat. To throw the trident, you need to use a long press. Thrown Trident deals 8 damage . This item cannot be crafted in the workbench. It only drops from drowned people.

TIP: If you overlay enchant the rods on the trident , then you can move pretty quickly in the water.


With the release of Minecraft, several new mobs have appeared in the game at once. First of all, it is worth saying about the dolphin . This creature is completely neutral to the player. Lives under water, but sometimes jumps out of it to replenish oxygen reserves. But do not swim in the water at night, as the drowned are always ready to attack .

Drowned are also new creatures. They walk on the bottom of oceans and seas.