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Download a mod for a Motorcycle for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.0.0 - 1.20.81

Download Mod for Motorcycle for Minecraft PE : get a unique opportunity to use a two-wheeled mode of transport with tremendous power and speed.

Best Motorcycle Mods for Minecraft PE

There are a huge number of modes of transport in Minecraft PE. These are trolleys, horses, and striders. However, they all lack one thing, and that is speed.

The mod developers decided not to put up with this problem, and therefore added many types of motorcycles to the game.

Mini Bikes

One of the first motorcycle mods to replace horses. Now in Minecraft PE you can meet this type of transport right in the clearing.

There are more than 5 kinds of bike colors, each with a random speed.

In Minecraft PE, a motorcycle mod allows you to ride with a girlfriend or friend in multiplayer .


Another addon from the popular modder Gona. This time he added several types of motorcycles that can be used for racing tournaments.

To get a motorcycle, you need to use an egg to summon spiders or find them in the world of Minecraft PE.


Quite an interesting mod for a motorcycle that will add a four-wheeled version.

A friend of yours can come with you.

Note that the ATV replaces the horse in Minecraft PE.

The motorcycle has tremendous speed and cross-country ability, so it is a must for those who are exploring the world of the game.


An interesting idea was implemented by a player named AlexFirey1411. Using horses, minecrafters will be able to literally fly around the world of Minecraft PE .

However, you first have to tame them, and only then go on a journey.

It is worth clarifying that the flight from the mod to the motorcycle is implemented in such a way that the vehicle just jumps high and no one takes damage from falling .


  • What are spider spawn eggs for in Minecraft PE?

    They are needed to summon bikes in fashion from Gona.
  • How can you fly a motorcycle in survival?

    To do this, you will need to sit on a hoverbike and jump with it.
  • Is it possible to craft a motorcycle in Minecraft PE?

    Unfortunately this is not possible, as all transport replaces horses.