Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Wild Update

Download the free version of Minecraft with Xbox Live support and enjoy improved mob behavior, useful blocks and additional commands!

What’s new in Minecraft PE

Minecraft edition continues the Wild Update, adding new abilities to mobs, improved blocks and a mode in which you can watch the game.

Mojang Studio has worked on many of the bugs that occur, improving the gameplay.


The creature flies around the blocky world of Minecraft PE and helps Steve collect items around the area. If you give a mob an item, it will emitting light in the dark. And the assistant can now go through the portal with Steve.

By the way, Elley needs some time to recover before his next assignment.


Underground biome watchman is dangerous for any creature in Minecraft He attacks when his anger reaches its peak. Since now the mob can pass through lava and water, it will not be easy to hide from the pursuit of the monster.

By the way, in order not to anger Varden, you need to try not to make noise for about one minute.


The materials in Minecraft PE are varied. Sometimes the most unexpected blocks come in handy. For example, in the Mangrove swamps you can find mud, which will become not only an option for construction, but also soil for planting berry bushes.


For players who are looking for a specific biome in Minecraft, the /locate command will come in handy. Thus, users can get to the right place, without spending effort and a lot of time.

Spectator Mode

Players in Minecraft PE observation mode cannot receive any effects, as well as contact mobs. The option is available for activation in the experiments menu.

By the way, there is no emote function in spectator mode. And all hats, capes and other items on the player are reflected as translucent.