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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download for free the full version of the Hellish update Minecraft for Android with a working Xbox Live : revival anchor, magnetite and much more!

What’s new in Minecraft PE Nether Update?

This branch of updates is one of the most global in the history of MCPE. It got the name Nether Update. And this means that all innovations are connected entirely with the lower world.


Minecraft has 4 new mobs :

Title Description
Piglin Neutral, but hostile to the player. Fights mainly with a crossbow or sword.
Hoglin A large creature that lives in the crimson forest. Afraid of twisted mushrooms. Hoglins can be bred with crimson mushrooms in Minecraft PE
Zoglin Hoglin, when entering the normal world, undergoes changes and turns into Zoglin .
Strider A player-neutral creature that is tameable .

FACT: Hoglin is the only mob in hell that can give meat on death.


Along with mobs, new biomes have appeared in Minecraft PE There are 5 of them in total, but distorted forest and the remains of the bastion deserve special attention. Many Enderwalkers live in the forest, from which you can get Ender pearls.

And the remains of the bastion are a huge structure, which is sometimes well hidden in hellish blocks. There is also a treasure chest .

In the ordinary world and in the hell of Minecraft Bedrock, you can also find a destroyed portal.


Minecraft can safely boast of an abundance of new blocks. These include magnetite and respawn anchor . Magnetite changes the work of the compass when the given object is pressed on this block. This means that the compass will always point to magnetite and will help the player if he gets lost.

And the anchor, in turn, will allow to be reborn right in the lower world . But for this you need to charge it with glowing stones.


The new and hardest stuff to come in Minecraft PE It is even stronger than diamond . To upgrade armor or tools, you must combine a diamond item with a netherite ingot.

FACT: Netherite tools and armor do not burn in lava.

Other minor fixes in MCPE

Naturally, in Minecraft PE, the developers did not forget about the fixes:

  • generating chests without loot;
  • incorrect operation of the / xp command.


  • How to tame a strider in MCPE

    With the help of warped mushrooms. And you can control it using a fishing rod with a distorted mushroom.
  • What is the revival anchor made of?

    3 glowing stones and 6 weeping obsidians. Weeping obsidian can be obtained from the destroyed portal.
  • How to get an ingot of netherite in Minecraft PE

    You need to smelt a block of ancient ruins that is generated in hell at a height of 13-22 blocks.