Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Wild Update

Download Minecraft for Android: explore different types of frogs, create merchant llamas, try out the new features of spectator mode and much more!

What’s new in Minecraft PE

Mojang continues to work on improving the gaming world. In the Minecraft edition, the possibilities of the observation mode have been expanded, the sensitivity of rolling blocks has been improved, and the merchant llamas have their own summoning egg.

Rock blocks

In Minecraft PE Wild Update, rolling pins are still more sensitive than before. The shrieker is known for picking up noises coming from players and responding with sound.

Shriker can now detect Steve if he is using any mode of transport. And these rolling pins tend to be activated again.

Catalyst has also received additional properties: it can even spread through the roots of mangrove swamp trees.


Varden has posed a threat to players before, and in Minecraft it has become even more dangerous. The watchman has learned to walk through water and lava, which automatically means more opportunities to stalk victims.

If Varden has chosen his prey and growled at it, he will chase until he catches it.

There are also changes regarding other mobs in MCPE. For example, merchant llamas can now be spawned via a summon egg.

It is worth paying attention to the different types of frogs that appear in the corresponding biomes of the game: swamp, tropical and snow.

Spectator Mode

The option has received even more features in Minecraft PE Steve can now breath while in spectator mode. Also, the observer will not suffer hunger indicators.

Using this experimental feature, the player will not make sounds, so no one will hear his steps, splashing water and other rustles.

By the way, while in spectator mode, Bedrock Edition users can stay up at night.