Download dungeon mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.1.0 - 1.17.0

Download dungeon mod for Minecraft PE : many previously unseen structures and exotic biomes await players in the generation of the world.

The best dungeon mods for Minecraft PE

There are many different structures in the standard generation of the Minecraft PE world. However, many of them can get bored over time. Also, most of them are quite primitive.

Fortunately, various dungeon mods fix this situation. They bring mysterious buildings and biomes to explore into the game world.

Dungeon set

The presented mod adds a whole set of dungeons to Minecraft PE, in which chests with valuable resources are hidden . Previously unseen structures are generated in different areas of the world. Some can be found high in the clouds, others under the water column, and still others in the plains.

Also, the authors of the add-on were able to implement new types of games and ice citadels. There are new buildings made of obsidian and endernyak, the blocks of which can be useful for players in survival.

In addition, these dungeons contain activated portals to the hellish dimension . Thanks to them, even users without diamond tools will be able to easily enter the Nether. This fact will delight many newbies who like to play survival mode.

New biomes

The next mod for dungeons for Minecraft PE is radically different from the previous one. It doesn’t add structures, but a whole series of unique new biomes. Mountains, erupting volcanoes, termite forests and even a taiga of ancient pine trees await you.

Moreover, game users can come across giant conifers fifty blocks high, canyons and birch groves.

Even frozen deserts, mangroves, crooked pines and dark plains are implemented in this dungeon mod. All of this great variety of biomes is generated from the building blocks that are available in the game. This modification feature significantly increases the number of supported versions.


  • What dungeons can games meet thanks to mods?

    Ice fortresses, new types of igloos and other structures are now available in the game world.
  • How does a dungeon addon simplify survival?

    Mod brings activated portals to hell.
  • What new biomes are added to dungeons?

    They add erupting volcanoes, canyons, frozen deserts, and other biomes.