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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the free version of Minecraft with a working Xbox Live and breed frogs using sea grass.

What’s new in Minecraft PE

The developers of the Mojang studio continue to delight us with unusual innovations. This time in the game world of Minecraft rock blocks, peculiar noise sensors, a darkness effect and a new mob – a frog were added.

All this made the game even more diverse and interesting. Well-developed animations and sound effects, as always, at the highest level. In general, the update turned out to be very interesting.


A new mob that appeared with the release of Minecraft PE The spawn location for frogs is all kinds of bolts. Moreover, in each swamp there are frogs of their own unique colors.

The mob can jump high, the average jump reaches the size of a small tree from the world of Minecraft

They can also be bred, for this you need to feed two individuals with sea grass. After that, one of the frogs will lay eggs under water, as in real life. Further, this caviar will turn into a tadpole, and that, in turn, into a full-fledged frog.

Fact: Tadpoles can only live underwater, they die on land.

Rock block

There are rock blocks in the dark depths of the Minecraft PE world. This block can detect any sound frequencies nearby and transmit them to the guard. So we advise you to be as quiet as possible with this block.

Another feature of the rolling block is that when interacting with it, it can impose a new darkness effect on you.

Dark effect

You can get the effect of darkness when interacting with a rock block from the world of Minecraft This effect plunges the player into complete darkness.

Survival will become even more difficult if you do not see anything from what is happening around. In order to get rid of the effect of darkness, you need to drink a bucket of cow’s milk.