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Download the map for the City of the Future for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download a Future City map for Minecraft PE : find yourself in a fantastic setting of a metropolis and discover the world of sci-fi!

The best maps for the City of the Future for Minecraft PE

Developers from Mojang Studios are constantly adding something new to Minecraft PE. It can be either something standard like blocks, or whole mechanics that simplify construction, like console commands.

All these changes and improvements lead to the appearance of an abundance of maps in Minecraft PE. Among them you can find cars, pixel art, houses, work computers and even cities.

The latter have become especially popular recently, as there has been a leap in the development of mods for cars and weapons.

Now the city of the future is not just a stone jungle, but a full-fledged location where you can have a good time with friends.

New York

The map represents the city of the future, which attempts to portray modern New York as the metropolis of 3005.

For this, modern buildings with a unique style inherent in sci-fi works were erected in Minecraft PE. After all, here you can find hundreds of buildings, each of which is saturated with science.

The author, which is GhostFazeKilla, stated that this is far from the latest version of the map, so it is worth waiting for an update.

Minecraft also hinted that in the upcoming updates over New York 3005 there will be an alienated floating city .

It is worth noting that among the features of the map for the city of the future on Minecraft PE are:

  • metro system;
  • ordinary streets;
  • highway;
  • skyscrapers of the future.


Huge metropolis of the future in Minecraft PE from the player under the nickname Zeemo . This map features futuristic-looking skyscrapers and other buildings.

Parts of the city of the future were built right on the water. The only thing that connects everything is Elon Musk’s likeness of Hyperloop.


  • What can be found on the City of the Future map?

    You can find incredible buildings as they would be if you used a time machine and got into the future several decades ahead!
  • How to get around the city of the future?

    Convenient roads, tunnels and a subway have been created for you!
  • Are houses in the city of the future equipped from the inside?

    Yes, the whole interior has been worked out and represents the everyday life of a person from the future.