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Version MCPE for Android
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Download for free the full version of the Hellish update Minecraft for Android with working Xbox Live : brutal piglin, strider and much more!

Minecraft PE – What’s New?

The Nether Update has become one of the most global in the history of Minecraft PE. Revival in Hell, piglins and much more – all this became possible only after this update. In addition, the developers at Mojang never stop working on bugs.

Brutal piglin and strider

5 new mobs have appeared in Minecraft , among which the brutal piglin and strider should be noted separately. The first guards the treasures in the remains of the bastion and is a more brutal kind of piglins.

And the strider, in turn, lends itself to taming with the help of distorted mushrooms . And with the help of a fishing rod with the same mushroom, you can control it.

The Brutal Piglin has a lot more lives thanks to the golden armband on his arm.

Respawn Anchor

As mentioned above, in Minecraft PE, the user can respawn right in the Nether. Perhaps this is due to the revival anchor .

After the player has placed this block, he must charge it with glowing stones . After that, it is enough to tap on the spawn anchor to set a spawn point in the Hellworld.

Remains of the bastion

The remains of the bastion is a huge structure in Minecraft, which contains chests with various valuable resources. As previously mentioned, they are guarded by brutal piglins.

Using the / locate bastionremnant command, you can find the remains of the bastion faster.

Fixing bugs in Minecraft PE

The developers of Mojang did not forget about the errors in Minecraft

  • incorrect operation of the fishing rod near various mobs;
  • missing animation when bamboo is damaged;
  • the game crashes when the player opens the shulker box on which he is standing.


  • How to get the respawn anchor in Minecraft PE

    It can be crafted from 6 weeping obsidian and 3 glowing stones.
  • Where can we find weeping obsidian?

    This block is generated naturally in the destroyed portal.
  • How can you find the destroyed portal in MCPE

    Using the / locate ruinedportal command.