Download Minecraft PE 0.1.1

Version 0.1.1 for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download full version of Minecraft 0.1.1 for Android with working Xbox Live and get acquainted with new blocks, items and multiplayer mode.

What’s new in Minecraft PE 0.1.1?

Minecraft 0.1.1 is a ported version of the famous sandbox , which is very famous on the PC. In this game, you can build anything you want, as well as destroy any buildings and play with your friends.

Important: It was from this edition that the game became available on all devices of the Android mobile platform.


The world of Minecraft PE 0.1.1 consists of many blocks that you can set and destroy . Thirty-six varieties of building elements are currently available.

These include stone, wood, wool of various colors . From all this variety, you can build whatever your heart desires.

Information: In addition to blocks for construction in Minecraft 0.1.1, other items are also available. These are two types of mushroom and flower. They can be used as decoration.


In addition, in Minecraft PE 0.1.1 you can play with a group of friends over a local network . This function works through a shared Wi-Fi network or one Internet access point.

To set up multiplayer mode, you will need to create an access point on your device so that other players can connect to it. Then you need to generate a map, and your companions should press the Join Game button.

Thus, absolutely every Minecraft 0.1.1 user will be able to survive with his comrades.

World Generation

Terrain generation on Minecraft PE 0.1.1 maps was pretty primitive and had limited area . Unfortunately, it is not possible to go beyond the invisible barrier.

Important: Infinite worlds will only be available in later versions of the game.

Also maps for Minecraft 0.1.1 had many flaws . For this reason, anomalous areas of the territory could be seen quite often.


  • How does terrain generation work in Minecraft PE 0.1.1?

    Terrain generation creates a limited area world
  • How many blocks are currently available in the game?

    In Minecraft PE 0.1.1 we were able to implement about 36 blocks.
  • Is it possible to play with other players?

    Minecraft PE 0.1.1 can be played not only alone, but also with friends.