Download Minecraft PE 0.15.9

Version 0.15.9 for Андроид
Working Xbox Live.

Download Minecraft 0.15.9 for android : riding animals, various mechanisms, a set of skins and an introduction to the game of skins with cloaks.

Innovations Minecraft PE 0.15.9

Finally, the development team from Mojang has finished developing a new release version of Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.9. In it, the creators tried to do as much as possible more various innovations : this is new content, new mechanics and even cloaks on the backs of characters .

FACT: The 0.15.9 version of MCPE is the first in which players were able to try to put a cloak on Steve.

Animal riding

Even at the very beginning of the update of the MCPE 0.15 branch, the game was able to please players with the presence of many different types of horses . Here you have cargo , and rideable, and even exclusive holiday representatives.

However, only now can players take full advantage of the new mechanics. After all, it allows users of Minecraft PE 0.15.9 to mount a horse and move a huge distance without any problems.

To control the mount you need use a saddle . In order to make saddling the horse easier, you need to feed him apples, as they reduce the chance of being dropped.

Standard horses are the only ones that can wear horse armor. The rest either cannot or carry a cargo chest instead.

There is also an option ride on the back of a pig , but for this you will need a saddle again, but instead of armor or apples, you will have to use a fishing rod with carrots.

With the help of a carrot on a fishing rod, you can control the direction of the pig in Minecraft PE 0.15.9.


The developers also did not forget about such an important point as various red dust elements . So the game introduced long-awaited pistons and one new, rather interesting , block – an observer.

FACT: In the Pocket Edition Minecraft PE 0.15.9, the first half of the piston arm is much thicker than the second.

Title Description
Pistons A block that will allow players to move different blocks and also pull them back. Professionals use them, by the way, in absolutely all of their mechanisms. So now you can build a hidden door or some horrible trap.
Observer New block for for the whole Minecraft universe , as it appeared only now and only in this version. Used to read state and block changes. You can use this to find out when a player broke, placed, or updated a block.


And finally, the Mojang team decided to make a a little surprise for all players who follow the events in the Minecraft world. So in the new version of MCPE 0.15.9 there were skins dedicated to the recent Minecon, as well as cloaks for them.


  • How do I get achievements in the new version of the game?

    Login via Xbox Live and just create an ordinary world, without cheats and other things.
  • What have been added in the new Minecraft PE 0.15.9 update?

    A new set of skins has been introduced into the game, which will allow you to be one of the heroes of Minecon, as well as wear cloaks.
  • How to put a cloak on a character?

    Go to the main menu and, after pressing the skins button, select the skin that has the cloak