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Version MCPE for Android
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Download for free the full version of the Hellish update Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live : bug fixes and more!

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Minecraft PE – What are the changes?

The infernal update is one of the most global in the history of MCPE. Therefore, it is not surprising that this particular update contains a large number of errors.

The developers at Mojang Studios continue to actively fix them. In Minecraft, they have eliminated most of the bugs.


While in the Hellish World in Minecraft PE, the player can meet such a mob as strider . It is a player-neutral creature. It can be tamed. At the same time, the strider is able to walk on lava. This way the user will be able to cross lava lakes.

Strider is the only tameable creature in Hell.

Errors and changes

In addition to adding new mobs, there are also some changes in Minecraft For example, baby mobs can be tamed before they grow up. There is also no longer an error that prevented farmers from harvesting.


Among the new blocks in Minecraft PE, revival anchor deserves special attention. After all, this block allows you to set a spawn point right in the Hellworld. To do this, you need to set the anchor of the revival to the ground. Then you should activate it with glowing stones.

Interesting: The respawn anchor explodes in the normal world, just like the bed in the Lower one.

Ruined Portal

One of the new structures in Minecraft is destroyed portal . Near this portal, you can always find a chest with valuable things. Less common here is the gold block. It is in the shattered portal that weeping obsidian is naturally generated.

Tip: Using the / locate ruinedportal command, you can speed up the search for a portal.

Correcting bugs

And, of course, the developers have fixed a large number of bugs in Minecraft PE

  • the horse’s iron, gold and diamond armor was displayed in white;
  • dropped item stacks may become invisible after merging with other item stacks;
  • hives and bee nests were showing the wrong texture on the face of the block.


  • How to tame a strider?

    With the help of a distorted mushroom.
  • How to control a strider in Minecraft PE

    You need to use a fishing rod with a warped mushroom.
  • How to craft an anchor of revival?

    6 Weeping Obsidian and 3 Glowing Stones.