Download mods for paradise on Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.1.0 - 1.20.71

Download Paradise Mods for Minecraft PE and enjoy your stay in the best dimension!

Heaven add-ons

MCPE players are well aware that there are 3 dimensions in Minecraft PE. Each of them is teeming with hostile creatures that are always ready to kill the player.

These modifications will literally make it possible to go to heaven . The player will be able to enjoy being in the quietest place in Minecraft PE.


One of the old mods for paradise in Minecraft PE. It replaces textures of existing blocks and mobs in the game. In this case, the edge is subject to changes. The dragon becomes white, and the Edge itself becomes lighter. Ender portal blocks, like the eye of Ender, also change their texture.

Even though all the creatures in the End look more peaceful, it doesn’t make them kinder.


This modification adds the paradise trident to Mineraft PE. This is a really powerful weapon that will help the player in any situation. You can find this item in the Creative Inventory.

If you throw a paradise trident, then on hit it will trigger a lightning . It will go where the trident fell.

In addition, this item will provide the player with unique opportunities. It is also worth clarifying that there will be 2 types of trident in the archive: old and new.


The best addon that adds real paradise to Minecraft PE. After installing the modification in the normal world, islands will appear at a height. These islands are made up of completely new blocks.
In addition to the islands, ores will also appear in Minecraft PE, as well as swords from new materials. And all this is possible in survival mode.


This modification will bring to Minecraft PE not only paradise, but also its inhabitants . One is Swet and the other is Tempest. The first one quite often throws off an edible jelly, which is also called Swet.

Islands are generated only during daylight hours.


The presented mod for paradise adds a new dimension of Ether to Minecraft PE. This world can be accessed through a portal that consists of 8 lightstone blocks and a bucket of water. After passing through the gate, you will need to click on the terrain generation button. Then click on the teleportation button to Ether.

In a previously unseen dimension, you can find flying cows and pigs . It is also home to a new species of creepers and slugs. There is also a dragon in the Ether, which players have to defeat.


  • Why are there no paradise mods for older versions of MCPE?

    The functionality of these versions does not allow you to implement such things.
  • What are the differences between the old and new tridents?

    Old gives double life, double speed, removes fall damage, and also allows you to fly. And the new one, in turn, gives the effects of speed, regeneration, jump of a certain level, as well as the effect of night vision.
  • How to find out more about the new blocks in the Paradise mod?

    You need to watch a video in which everything is shown.