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Download Minecraft PE for free on android: play with updated bees, new structures and optimized skin loading.

What has changed since the Minecraft Bedrock update?

In the new version of Minecraft , the Mojang development team took all possible measures to fix the bugs that occurred for all those who received the release update.


New mobs in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition, which radically change the established opinion that the mobs in the game cannot do anything useful on their own.

After all, bees, like their real prototypes, are able to:

    • pollinate flowers;
    • collect nectar;
    • make honey;
    • defend your home.

Bees, like creepers, are kamikaze mobs, because after their attack they die.

By the way, the developers from Mojang have worked on these creatures so much that now you can even visually understand whether the bee was working or not. They also react to rain or night by flying into the hive.

IMPORTANT: never hit little bees, because the whole swarm will immediately fall upon you. And this is fraught with the sudden death of both you and the bees.


Of course, there was an update that added new blocks to Minecraft . And surprisingly, quite a few of them appeared.


An interesting-looking block, somewhat reminiscent of a lattice.

Created for decoration only, so don’t try to store anything in it!

It is also worth noting that the block is created from combining four hundred that can be obtained from hives.


New sticky block presented at the main event of the year – Minecon 2019 , which took place at the end of September.

Almost as soon as they heard and saw its properties, users came up with a new use for it – traps.

Allows you to move not only the block in front, but also the adjacent one, just like a slime block . Also known for being able to dampen fall damage .


Another interesting block in the new Minecraft update, which is a place of residence for a swarm of bees, where they wait out the nights and torrential rains.


They are also called wild hives , because they really are analogous to the homemade hive, which appeared on their own, during the generation of the world.

Used to collect honey, but be careful as the bees will do their best to protect it.

You can find this structure in various locations in Minecraft, where many flowers grow, such as a flower forest.


Much more convenient and safer way to collect honey, because the chance that you will be attacked is incredibly low here.

IMPORTANT: remember that in such hives in Minecraft PE you can collect honey only if the level of the hive is at least 3 …

Change in Minecraft

Well, now let’s go through the changes that the version of Minecraft PE brought to the game:

  • Performance has been improved when loading skins on servers, which will stop black models from appearing during gameplay;
  • in the latest patch Minecraft PE the Mojang team messed up something, which caused bees did not die after their attack, but now this bug has been fixed;
  • another bug from the last update has been fixed. It consisted in the fact that if a player has an empty hand, then it simply is not displayed on the screen .


  • Can I play Minecraft on servers?

    Yes, as there is a working Xbox Live. You just need to open the tab with the servers and go to any one you like.
  • What are the risks of bees in the game?

    They are dangerous because as soon as you injure one, everyone else will rush at you, causing fatal damage and simultaneously poisoning.
  • Where to look for bees in the world of Minecraft PE

    You can find them only in places where there are many flowers: flower forest, flower meadows and others.