Download mods for inhabitants on Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.17.0 - 1.20.81
By Team Tolol

Download villager mods for Minecraft PE, and find out what the new improved villagers are capable of!

Addons for inhabitants in Minecraft PE

With the installation of this mod, the world of Minecraft PE will be completely transformed. The author of the map, Team Tool , was able to do what Mojang could not – make residents smart … Now each person will have their own personality traits and interests.

What are the features?

The main feature is that every villager will have sex. Their skins will be replaced with female and male skins. Due to this, the settlements will increase.

Interesting: Each resident has his own individual qualities.

Mobs in Minecraft PE can communicate with each other and their behavior will have numerous action scenarios.

New walking animation makes this mod incredibly detailed. Smooth movements give the mobs maximum realism.

Where will they live?

The author also took care of the arrangement of the noses. You can already forget about the classic village regeneration, because the mod will change it completely . Instead of villages, huge cities will appear, in which each inhabitant will have his own profession.

Important: Cities will constantly grow, as will their population. Therefore, you need to control urbanization so that the game is stable.

What will they do?

Now every villager will work tirelessly. They will fulfill their duties 24/7. At the moment, the following professions are present:

  • priest;
  • guard;
  • farmer;
  • fisherman;
  • gunsmith;
  • shepherd;
  • librarian;
  • bricklayer;
  • tanner;
  • cartographer;
  • gunsmith.

Not only men, but also women can take part in the work. But the priority task of the fairer sex will be caring for the child.

Interesting: The player can also have his own child, but for this you need to find the opposite sex and feed any food.

Improved Citizens

The presented mod brings to Minecraft PE a huge number of improved villagers and robbers . Kings, mutants, spies, sensei, wizards and many other villagers are waiting for you.

Important: For the mod to work, you must enable experimental features.

It is worth noting the main inhabitant of the village, who is the king. This character is the leader and main protector of all other settlers.


  • What will happen after installing the mod?

    Now each resident will have their own personal qualities and interests.
  • What makes the mod special?

    The main feature is that each villager will have sex.
  • What are the changes in the village?

    Instead of villages, huge cities will appear in which each inhabitant will have his own profession.