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Download Minecraft PE 1.2.10

Version 1.2.10 for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download for free the full version of Minecraft 1.2.10 for Android with a working Xbox Live and get the opportunity to listen to music in the game!

What’s changed in Minecraft PE 1.2.10?

This is the latest version released by the developers at Mojang in a series of Better Together updates. The game has a large number of new settings and features. Players can take advantage of new blocks and items, of which there are enough in these innovations. Also worth mentioning is the about the parrot and the canyon.


A new player-neutral creature in Minecraft PE 1.2.10. It is tamed with seeds, and then begins to follow the player. A parrot can sit on the shoulder of its owner if he is standing next to him. These birds live mainly in the jungle.

Parrots can also mimic the sounds of hostile mobs.

Blocks and items

With the release of Minecraft PE 1.2.10, players have received a considerable number of new blocks and items.

Book with pen

Quite a long-awaited innovation in Minecraft 1.2.10. Allows to write a lot of information . You can get such a book at the workbench using a regular book, a pen and an ink bag.

FACT: As an exclusive for the mobile version, the ability to view 2 pages simultaneously on one screen has been added.

Turntable and records

Allows to listen to music right in the game while playing records in Minecraft PE 1.2.10. You can build such a player from boards and diamonds. But you won’t be able to craft records, so you will have to look for them in various fortresses and dungeons. It is worth mentioning the need to install a special resource pack for playing music.

Parrots love music, so they dance next to the turntable.

Recipe book and tutorial

These innovations will be especially beloved by newbies . Now they do not need to search the Internet for various information or look for any recipe. Now all this is right in Minecraft 1.2.10. You can open the training section in the menu.


And the last innovation in Minecraft PE 1.2.10 is the canyon . This is a fault in the ground a couple of dozen blocks long. Most often, at the very bottom of this location, there is water with lava. This area will be very useful at the very beginning of survival.


  • Why are parrots useful in MCPE 1.2.10?

    They try to warn the player about hostile mobs by attracting his attention.
  • Is it possible to feed the parrot with cookies?

    No, it will poison him and almost instantly kill him.
  • How to view recipes in the workbench?

    It is enough just to click on the desired item, after which the recipe will be shown.