Download mods for small ones on Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.16.0 - 1.20.71

Download small mods for Minecraft PE and explore the world you are used to from new perspectives!

What are these mods on Little ones for?

As you know, the usual model of a player in Minecraft PE is 2 blocks high. And, accordingly, it is possible to inspect everything around only from this height. Over time, this monotony can get boring. In this case, these modifications are perfect for the game . They will help you look at everything from new perspectives.

Toy Soldiers

This mod does not reduce the model of the player himself in Minecraft PE, but adds small multi-colored creatures to the game. Representatives of each color fight with representatives of others . They can also be assigned different classes. These battles are perfect for multiplayer games.

Different toys can be distracted by different objects: red – apple, green – emerald, yellow – gold bar, blue – diamond.


As mentioned earlier, these soldiers in Minecraft PE can be given different classes: spearman, assassin, healer and magician . And you can assign these roles to them using an arrow, sugar, bone and an efrite rod, respectively.

In addition to all this, this mod also adds horses to the game, which can be saddled by toys.

Kid Player

This modification, unlike the previous one, reduces the player’s model in Minecraft PE. But at the same time, it does not affect any physical properties. That is, the changes are only at the visual level. The ideal solution is for playing hide and seek with friends .

Tiny Player

The name of this mod speaks for itself. The player will be shrunk to very small sizes .

FACT: Installing this mod will make you the smallest creature in Minecraft PE.

Another distinctive feature of this add-on is the ability to crawl into places with a height of one block . But despite this size, the camera will still be at the same level as before.


  • What if my online friend sees me as big?

    He has to install the same mod as you.
  • Why can't I crawl into small places with the kid player mod?

    Unfortunately, this addition only visually reduces the model. But in fact, an invisible part remains on top.
  • When crawling into small places with a mod for a tiny player, the camera gets into blocks. What to do?

    Alas, this is a disadvantage of this modification. The camera remains at the same level as before.