Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Wild Update

Download the free version of Minecraft with Xbox Live support and explore the new biome – mangrove swamps.

What’s new in Minecraft PE

The developers of the studio Mojang have again released a new version of everyone’s favorite game. Now a new biome will appear in Minecraft – mangrove swamps. In this biome, players will be able to find trees that are unusual in structure.

Also study new dirt and blocks created from it. Minor bugs from previous versions have also been fixed with this update. The update, as always, turned out to be interesting and of high quality.

Mangrove swamps

This is a new biome that appeared with the release of the new version of Minecraft PE Mangrove swamps are quite a rare biome. So you have to properly look for it throughout the cubic world.

The location stands out from all for its realism. Here, players will not find template trees and standard forms. All plants grow very chaotically and from that it is beautiful. Shoots and roots everywhere.

New dirt

Also, with the release of Minecraft, new dirt appeared in the game. It is slightly different in properties from the standard. Mud from mangrove swamps differs in texture and block height.

When players move from a regular block of earth to dirt, they will sag a little. Just like in ordinary life. Also, blocks of dirt can be tamped down by placing them in a workbench. After that, new blocks can be created from the already compacted dirt.

Mud bricks

Now players will be able to create real bricks from packed dirt in Minecraft PE These bricks will be useful to you in various buildings. Their main advantage is that crafting such a block is much easier.


The mangrove swamps are the main attraction. are trees. They are very unusual and beautiful. Now with the release of Minecraft trees will be completely different shapes and sizes. You will no longer find a tree with a clear shape. The foliage on such plants grows quite chaotically. Roots and shoots of trees are everywhere.