Download Minecraft PE 1.5.2

Version 1.5.2 for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download for free the full version of Minecraft PE 1.5.2 for Android with a working Xbox Live and get acquainted with the new features of the underwater world!

MCPE 1.5.2 – What’s new?

In Minecraft 1.5.2, the water space of the game has undergone big changes. Added many previously unseen mobs, blocks and structures .


Minecraft PE 1.5.2 has 2 new mobs: drowned and turtles. The former are ready to attack you at any time if you find yourself under water.

The latter, on the contrary, are friendly creatures, they can live on land during the daytime .

Turtles can be bred with algae, after which they lay their eggs.

Marine Guide

This block in Minecraft PE 1.5.2 deserves special attention, because it can be very useful in the game. Crafting it requires 8 nautilus shells and the heart of the sea , which can be found in ruins or a sunken ship.

After creating this item, you should build a ring of 5×5 prismarine blocks . Then place the guide itself right in the center.

The initial range of this block is 32 meters, but with each new ring it increases and reaches its maximum of 96 meters.


The first new item in Minecraft 1.5.2 is the visor. It drops when turtles are born . Although it does not have any special properties, with its help you can craft a carapace .

It gives the effect of underwater breathing for 10 seconds from the moment it is immersed in water.

The Potion of Turtle Power is the last thing that was added in Minecraft PE 1.5.2. Applies the effect of damage resistance and slow for 20 seconds . You can brew it using an awkward potion and shell.

Bubble Pillar

Another interesting innovation in Minecraft 1.5.2. Depending on which block the bubbles are being created by , they can either push you up or pull you to the bottom.


  • Why did the eggs disappear after the turtle laid them?

    They may have been broken by hostile mobs. You need to protect the eggs from them.
  • How many shields do you need to craft a turtle shell?

    5 shin guards. Crafting is similar to a regular helmet.
  • Can drowned people get out of the water in Minecraft PE 1.5.2?

    Yes, they come out of the water at night to attack you.