Jurassic Park Minecraft Mod

Version MCPE 1.1.0 - 1.20.71
Jurassic Park

Download Jurassic Park mod for Minecraft PE : get a unique opportunity to play with giant dinosaurs who will become your enemies and helpers during survival.

The best Jurassic Park mods for Minecraft PE

Recently, especially after the release of the films of the same name, Minecraft PE players have become interested in the theme of dinosaurs.

This craze led the mod developers to create a global mod that adds huge lizards.

Thus, Minecraft PE players will be able to try to survive together with 19 types of dinosaurs.


One of the largest dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. In addition, in Minecraft PE you can tame it.

To do this, start feeding him meat when he is small. Subsequently, you will be able to ride it as well as fight.

Do not cross an adult, but not tamed T-Rex, as he is incredibly aggressive.


A flying reptile that can use its wings to effectively hunt prey.

Ludodactyl has 5 stages of maturation at once, at each of which he gets more and more health in Minecraft PE.

Little dinosaurs

The Jurassic Park mod also adds several small dinosaurs to the game, replacing ocelots.

This is how the following appeared in Minecraft PE:

  • Chilesaurus;
  • Lealinasaurus;
  • Gipsilofodon;
  • Otniella.


The same huge bird that cannot fly, but at the same time friendly towards players in Minecraft PE.


An unusual lizard from the Jurassic Park mod, which has such scales that it is rather difficult to kill it even with an enchanted netherite sword.

The behavior of Ankylosaurus resembles a zombie pig, and therefore it is not to attack even lonely ones – brothers will immediately come.


Small dinosaurs that can deal huge damage if the player attacks them.

Try to avoid also their children, because an accidental blow can provoke the whole flock.


Pretty annoying mobs from the Jurassic Park mod, since it will only constantly eat all the dropped items .

So avoid dying near the goat, as when you return, only a “peaceful” goat will be in place.


An unusual creature that lives in the ocean.

True, in Minecraft PE the behavior of baculites from the Jurassic Park mod is not very different from octopuses .


The developer of the addon for Jurassic Park for Minecraft PE has added several jeeps that can be used to move.

Hidden inside the machine is a box with 27 slots for storing items .


  • What are spawn eggs for in Minecraft PE?

    They are needed to summon dinosaurs.
  • How can you tame a dinosaur for survival?

    Not everyone can be tamed. And those who can be tamed as babies with meat.
  • What resources are needed to craft cars?

    Unfortunately, they cannot be created, but this does not prevent players from finding them on their own in the game world.