Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Wild Update

Download the free version of Minecraft with Xbox Live support and play using touch gestures in your inventory.

What’s new in Minecraft PE

The developers of the beloved studio Mojang continue to delight us with new products. This time, in the new Minecraft, the controls have been changed, an automatic jump has been added, music has been added to the main menu, and much more.

Some bugs from previous updates have also been fixed. In general, the version turned out to be quite interesting and rich.

Changed control

The controls have been changed in the new Minecraft PE Now it will be even more convenient to survive. An automatic jump and other features have been added to the game. By setting the automatic jump, you can no longer jump out of the water manually.

Steve will start doing this automatically as soon as he is near the shore. Also worth noting is the ability to use touch gestures in the inventory. It also makes it easier to survive and find the right items.


In previous versions, due to errors, it became possible to open paid emotions for free. After that, the game began to glitch and sometimes even crash. This has been fixed in the new Minecraft Now everything works without any errors.

Music in main menu

With the release of the new version of Minecraft PE, music has been added to the main menu in the cubic world. Previously, it could only be enabled for a fee by going to the settings. Now the music is free and turns on automatically after starting the game.

Updated zombie

Also in Minecraft they improved such old mobs as zombies. It’s very cool that the developers update even the very first mobs. This makes the game even more interesting.

Now these monsters, if desired, can break doors in buildings. This happens only at the highest level of difficulty and with a probability of 10%. But it still happens, so be careful and always think over an escape plan in case something happens.