Minecraft PE 1.19.73

Version 1.19.73 for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft 1.19.73 apk and evaluate the incredible capabilities of new devices, explore the cubic world in search of ancient artifacts.

Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.73: Trails & Tales Update

The new version of Minecraft PE 1.19.73 has pleased players with changes in all areas of the game process. The developers continue the large–scale development of the possibilities of Archeology, in connection with which they add unique structures – Trail Ruins and blocks, such as suspicious sand and gravel.

Also, the functionality of Amethyst blocks has now been expanded, and they should be placed next to the Sculk Sensors. They will be very useful if you need to transmit any signal at a distance.

Armor finishing

The ability to decorate equipment that appeared in previous versions immediately gained great popularity among users of the cubic world. It will probably continue to develop in the future in Trails & Tales Update, but for now, Minecraft 1.19.73 developers continue to improve it.

Several completely new trim options have been added at once. They will appear in structures such as Ancient City and the Trail Ruins. And some changes have been made to the templates that are already available in the game.  For example, some of them have received a completely new pattern and icon.

Combine different materials and templates to create unique options that will surprise everyone around you.

Hanging Signs

As you know, many players use various devices to decorate their homes and give them a unique appearance. Such a thing as Hanging Signs copes with this task perfectly.

With their help, you can place the name of the institution or the name of the owner of the building at the entrance, or specify some important information. In Minecraft PE 1.19.73, it became possible to place text on both sides of the plate.

They can also have a different color, and if you use honeycombs when writing, the text can no longer be changed.


  • What structure for Archaeology was added to MCPE 1.19.73?

    Trail Ruins.
  • What do I need to create a Calibrated Sculk Sensor in MCPE 1.19.73?

    1 Sculk Sensor and 3 Amethyst Shards.
  • What should I use so that the text on Hanging Signs cannot be changed?

    Use Honeycomb.