Download GTA map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.0.0 - 1.20.71

Download GTA map for Minecraft PE and feel the very atmosphere of Los Santos!

Description of GTA

A large number of users have played this legendary game at least once. GTA is a series of games that is one of the best-selling in history. GTA: San Andreas is also one of the series that has been relevant for a long time.

Among the fans of this game there were also Minecraft PE players. And one of them decided to recreate a part of Los Santos right in his favorite game.

This location does not load correctly on MCPE versions 0.14.0 – 0.17.0. And on version 1.16.0, the world is almost completely destroyed.

GTA map

On the first run, the player appears in the Groove Street ring in Minecraft PE. But you should understand that this is just a copy of a small part of Los Santos. Therefore, there will be no places like, for example, the beach of Santa Maria.

CJ’s House

Looking around, the player will notice CJ’s house . This is his first home since arriving in Los Santos from Liverty City.

It was here that it was possible to save the progress of the game at first, and also from here this legendary story began.

The author also worked on the interior, which is almost identical to the original version.


Going further along the road, the player will see a bridge in Minecraft PE. This is the same bridge from which Officer Tenpenny fell in a fire truck and died.


There is also a Vagos spawn in Minecraft PE on the map. This is one of those gangs that fought with CJ’s gang. It’s worth noting that the author did a pretty good job and made a pretty good copy.


Another interesting location in this area is the stadium. It was here that you could train CJ’s driving skills , as well as steal derby cars.

The map was originally created for the hunger games mini-game. This means that if you want, you can arrange an interesting game with your friends.


  • Why is the GTA map in Minecraft PE surrounded by glass?

    Since the map was intended for hunger games, it was done in order to create an obstacle for the players so that they would not run out of bounds.
  • Is there any way to fix the map so that it works on version 1.16.0?

    This can be helped by a structural block with which you can copy a part of the map, but this does not guarantee correct copying.
  • How to install the map?

    File in .mcworld extension, which means that the card will automatically install itself when you click on it.