Download textures for money on Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download textures for money for Minecraft PE: previously unseen currencies for creating an economy are already available in the game.

What are textures for money in Minecraft PE for?

Many Minecraft PE users have long dreamed of the appearance of money in the game . However, they only have access to emeralds, which are required only for trade with the inhabitants of the settlements.

Fortunately, there are special textures to bring in different currencies. To sell money, some game items were replaced with banknotes or coins.

Notch Currency

The presented set of textures adds money to Minecraft PE. This currency will replace all emeralds, and it will have Notch’s face .

Information: The person with this nickname is Markus Persson, and he is the creator of our favorite game.

In addition, bills in Minecraft PE resemble the famous US dollars from the real world. However, instead of the face of the President of the United States of America, the face of Notch flaunts on them. With this money, you can create your own analogue of the economy, as well as buy resources from residents with it.


The developers of these textures were inspired by the Minecraft PE in-game currency, which was named Minecoin . These coins were introduced along with the store of additional content for the game. This marketplace sells maps, skins, décor kits, and more.

Important: Minecoins were not included in the gameplay itself, but are only available for purchasing various content in the add-on store.

This set of textures added the presented currency to the world of Minecraft PE. Minecoins have also replaced ordinary emeralds . From now on, you will use beautiful yellow coins instead.

This will make the user survival process much more fun and exciting. After all, they will be able to realize in their survival an analogue of the economy from real life.


  • How do textures introduce new currencies to Minecraft PE?

    Decoration kits replace emeralds with previously unseen coins and bills.
  • Who is depicted on a bill of one of the Minecraft PE currencies?

    The banknote depicts the face of Notch, who is the creator of Minecraft.
  • What in-game currency was inspired by the authors of one of the texture sets?

    They were inspired by Minecoins from the game add-on market.