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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download for free the full version of the Hellish update Minecraft for Android with a working Xbox Live and enjoy the new stable version, more and more like a PC!

Minecraft PE Nether Update

The release of the new Infernal update, like any other update, is accompanied by dozens of bugs. Mojang Studios in beta is trying to fix all of them to make it much more enjoyable for players to play and survive.

Minecraft PE is the version that fixed dozens of bugs . At the same time, the developers have once again equated the Bedrock Edition with the Java Edition.

Version equality

As we said above, in Minecraft PE, changes were made to increase the equality of the two versions of the game. For example, fishes killed by fire now drop the finished fish .

Also, if you want to create a blackstone brewing rack, like on a PC, then you can do it on phones with Minecraft PE


Another important feature of the Hellish Minecraft update was the changes in the game engine.

Now there will be no crashes when adding Ender Dragon prefixes or using custom textures.


The development team from Mojang Studios also made sure that in the new Minecraft Bedrock update, the fences along with the black stone fence will work correctly.

Also, keep in mind the fact that experience orbs will now be always bright at any brightness level in the settings.

An equally important change has affected the cocoa beans. Now in the rainforest Minecraft they will grow on all tree variants.

Fixes in Minecraft PE

Also, the Mojang Studios team in the new version of Minecraft did not forget the traditional bug fixes:

  • dropped items are too low;
  • inability of mobs to find their way out of lava or when moving around the world;
  • Dragon Egg will not drop from explosion.


  • Are there any innovations in Minecraft PE

    No, but there are many fixes and improvements to improve the gaming experience.
  • What is special about the netherite?

    He himself and the items made from him are absolutely immune to fire, and also do not sink in lava MCPE
  • How to create equipment from netherite in Minecraft PE

    To do this, you have to create a blacksmith's table and there combine any diamond item and just one netherite ingot.