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Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download for free the full version of the Hellish update Minecraft for Android with a working Xbox Live and meet a completely new underworld!

MCPE Nether Update – What’s New?

Hellstone, lava and a couple of hostile mobs – this is how Hell could be described until recently. Everything in him remained unchanged for a long time. This was the reason for the loss of interest in this dimension from the side of the players.

This is why the developers at Mojang Studios have released one of the most global Nether Update . Minecraft PE has new mobs, blocks and locations.


With the release of Minecraft, the nether world has been replenished with both new biomes and new structures.


As you know, there was only one biome in Hell. With the release of Minecraft PE Nether Update, their number has increased to five. Crimson and warped forests, valley of sand of souls, basalt delta – all of this appeared in this update.

The warped forests in MCPE are filled with endermen, which can be useful for mining Ender pearls.


In addition to biomes, two new structures have appeared in Minecraft the destroyed portal and the remains of the bastion . The Shattered Portal can be useful for mining Weeping Obsidian.

There are many chests with valuable resources in the remains of the bastion. But you should be careful, because they are guarded by brutal piglins.


With new biomes, new inhabitants of these places have appeared in Minecraft PE Among them, it is worth noting the strider – a player-neutral mob . It can even be tamed with a warped mushroom.

The hoglin, a mob that drops meat in the form of a drop, also deserves special attention.


A huge number of new blocks appeared in Minecraft Among them is the revival anchor . It is with the help of this block that you can be reborn right in Hell. You can craft it using glowing stones and weeping obsidian.

Also in Minecraft Nether Update there was a target block. This block will signal a redstone when hit by an arrow.


For a long time, diamond has remained the benchmark for toughness. However, the new material, not clean , took this place with the release of Minecraft PE To upgrade your diamond items, you need to combine them with an ingot of netherite.

Fixes in Minecraft

The developers have not forgotten about the errors in Minecraf PE Nether Update:

  • possible errors with skins on PlayStation 4;
  • Ender Dragon and Crystal invisibility for split-screen players;
  • notifications not showing up on IOS.


  • How to manage a strider in MCPE

    First you need to put a saddle on it, then sit down and indicate the direction of movement using a fishing rod with a distorted mushroom.
  • Is it possible to breed hoglins?

    Yes, with the help of crimson mushrooms.
  • How can you get a netherite ingot in Minecraft PE

    First, you need to mine the ore of ancient remains in Hell at a height of 13-22 blocks. Next, you should smelt this ore and get netherite scrap. And from 4 Netherite Scrap and 4 Gold Bars, Netherite can be obtained.