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Version MCPE for Android
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Download the full version of Hell and Mountain update Minecraft for Android with a working Xbox Live: copper, lightning rod and much more!
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What’s new in Minecraft PE

The developers at Mojang Studios are still releasing updates to the MCPE branch. It has become the most global in the history of the game. There are several interesting innovations in Minecraft

New material

First of all, in Minecraft PE it is worth noting the appearance of new material – copper . Various copper blocks can be made from it. However, these blocks tend to oxidize. In this case, the texture of these copper blocks will change.

To get copper you need to smelt copper ore . You can find it in Minecraft at about the same height at which iron ores are generated. Thus, various modifications are no longer needed to obtain copper in the game.

From now on, killing a drowned man drops a copper bar instead of a gold bar.


Among the innovations in Minecraft PE there are also cheekbones . Most of all, these blocks will appeal to the builders of various mechanisms. After all, they can register any vibration within a radius of eight blocks around them.

Attention: The cheekbone block does not register vibrations generated by another block of the same type.

The vibrations themselves can be created by any movement. This means that it is now possible to build more hidden traps, which will be practically unrecognizable in advance. The zygomatic block remains active for two seconds.

Lightning rod

Many players are familiar with the survival situation where lightning strikes a tree. After that, a big fire starts, which is very difficult to extinguish. In Minecraft, you can now avoid such situations.

To do this, you just need to set lightning rod next to it. This block attracts absolutely all lightning strikes within a radius of 64 blocks. At the same time, the lightning rod itself, when lightning strikes it, sends a red stone signal with a maximum strength of 15.

Stalactites and stalagmites

Another innovation in Minecraft PE is stalactites and stalagmites . These are new blocks found in caves. Stalactites hang from the ceiling and can fall on the player. And stalagmites are on the ground. Both of these blocks are very dangerous for the user.

You can get stalactites and stalagmites of any length by connecting them to each other.

Glowing octopus and its drop

Minecraft also has a very interesting new mob – glowing octopus . It differs from other creatures in the game by its glow underwater. Upon death, a Glowing Ink Sac will drop from a Glowing Octopus.

With this bag, you can make a glowing frame in which you can place any items. And every object placed in such a frame will glow at night.


  • How to avoid oxidation of the copper block?

    It is necessary to connect a copper block with a honeycomb.
  • How to get a cheekbone block in Minecraft PE

    At the moment it can only be obtained from the Creative Inventory.
  • How does the texture of a copper block change when oxidized?

    It turns turquoise.