Download elevator mod for Minecraft PE


Download elevator mod for Minecraft PE : various elevators will greatly simplify and speed up the movement of your buildings.

The best elevator mods for Minecraft PE

The lift is a special mechanism thanks to which Minecraft PE players will be able to easily rise or fall . Such installations in real life are most often found in apartment buildings or business centers.

Fortunately, there are mods with these constructs. With their help, it is quite easy to organize logistics at any large-scale building.

Elevator block

Presented is a fairly popular development for older versions of Minecraft PE. The addition is pretty is simple and stable , which is very important for many.

Info: To create an elevator, you need two elevator blocks, which are made from an iron ingot and eight wool units.

One of these Minecraft PE blocks should be placed at the same height, and the second one below or above the position of the first. To move, you should stand on the platform of the lift and press the special key . After which you will find yourself on another floor of the building.

From Candia

In turn, this mod from Candia for Minecraft PE is extremely similar to the previous one. The add-on also introduces special blocks into the game with which users can move between floors . The modification works in the same way as the previous one.

Important: First you need to make an elevator block. This will require three iron and one gold ingot, as well as two red stones.

Next, the block must be installed at the base of your Minecraft PE elevator. However, this is not all. There is also a special height limiter .

This block is made from one speck of redstone and eight units of stone. The appearance of the presented limiter is similar to stone bricks.

By the way, if your elevator does not function in Minecraft PE, then use the / el_help command. This help for the mod indicates all the ways to solve possible problems and problems.


  • What are elevators in Minecraft PE for?

    With the help of these mechanisms, you can easily move relative to the height of your position.
  • How can the elevator be installed?

    This will require special blocks.
  • What do you need to create a height stop?

    To craft it, you need 8 stone blocks and one redstone.