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Download mods for the Infinity Gauntlet for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.2.0 - 1.20.71
Authors: Santigamer836, MrMinechest, JEBR_GAMING.

Download Infinity Glove mods for Minecraft PE , and feel what it is like to be a titan, capable of destroying the entire Universe literally at the snap of your fingers.

What are the Infinity Gauntlet mods about?

Not so long ago, two films from Marvel Studios were thundered on the screens of cinemas , which managed to impress all fans. There was a lot of joy, tears and sorrow. But now is not about that. Because of all this just a huge amount of various excitements, modifications began to appear for Minecraft Pocket Edition from fans of the movie franchise.

It’s funny, but after the movie, the bulk of the add-ons were devoted to the main antagonist of the whole story, and not to the main characters.


Despite the fact that the addon is named after the main villain, it adds exactly the same glove. And on it, by the way, there are absolutely all stones . This suggests that it is better for the opponents of the Minecraft PE player in whose hands it is to stay away.

To take advantage of the glove’s power, you need to just pick it up . After which you will receive incredible increases in all parameters. And you will also be able to smash everything in your path to smithereens.

It’s worth noting that the glove replaces the trident. This means that you can only get it from drowned people. You can also apply the same effects to it.

Infinity War

We think that the name itself sounds very promising for many Minecraft PE players. And not in vain, because the game will have many characters from the movie , which will be divided into two opposite teams .

Your task will be to help with all your might the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and others in the fight against the invincible titans Thanos and his minions.

The gauntlet replaces the immortality totem, so you can get it from the mansion.

In Minecraft Pocket Edition, thanks to the addon, you can get the following list of effects from the glove:

  • regeneration;
  • jumping ability;
  • strength;
  • night vision;
  • invulnerability;
  • speed.

Infinity Stones

The mod adds an infinity gauntlet and six stones of the universe to Minecraft PE. To activate the Thanos artifact , you will need to collect all the pebbles that are scattered throughout the game’s dungeons. Making the Infinity Glove itself is necessary to find a staff.

Also, this item can be purchased at the blacksmith in the village. With the Thanos artifact, each player will be able to the ability to kill all mobs with one click of their finger .


  • How to install a mod in Minecraft PE after version 0.17.0?

    To install the add-on, you need to download it, open it with Minecraft PE, and then apply it in a new world.
  • What does the Infinity Gauntlet give the player?

    You will receive many effects, as well as invulnerability, which, coupled with powerful weapons, will make you completely omnipotent.
  • Are there any restrictions or detrimental effects from using the Infinity Glove in Minecraft PE?

    No, you can use all the power available to you without giving anything back.