Minecraft PE

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Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and exciting adventures in the company of an ancient creature are waiting for every player right now.

Minecraft PE Trails & Tales

In each update, developers try to either change something in the gameplay or add some new features. They also often manage to fix various errors or failures.

In Minecraft, three bugs were fixed: crashes due to resource sets and on iOS devices, as well as problems connecting to servers.


You can diversify the gameplay in Minecraft PE in a variety of ways, one of which is called Armor Decoration. To start it, you will need to collect some items.

This is the armor itself, one of the valuable resources, for example, gold or iron, as well as Templates. The latter are located in various structures on the territory of cubic space. In the Ruins of the Trail, players can find not only these objects but also Sniffer eggs and clay fragments.


Minecraft introduces players to an ancient creature that specializes in finding seeds of ancient plants. A slightly clumsy and absent-minded Sniffer often loses them, and attentive players can collect and plant them in the ground.

Thus, you can grow a Pitcher or Torchflower, the latter, by the way, is used for breeding this mob. Just feed him this flower and wait for the eggs to appear. The cubs hatch the fastest if you put them on moss.


After the changes made by the developers, the search in the recipe book does not occur by all syllables, but only by the beginning of the word. By the way, the recipe unblocking system continues to be implemented, which is no longer experimental.

It can also be enabled and disabled in the settings menu of each world separately. In Minecraft PE, there will be no unlock message, all of them will be displayed in the search results.


  • Eggs of which mobs can be found in the Ruins of the Trail?

    In MCPE, this is a Sniffer.
  • What does the Sniffer eat?

  • How does the search in the recipe list work?

    By the first syllables.