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Download werewolf mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download a werewolf mod for Minecraft PE: try to survive and not fall into the clutches of bloodthirsty monsters.

The best werewolf mods for Minecraft PE

Werewolves are considered one of the most popular monsters in modern culture. It is quite easy to find a movie or a computer game where these creatures appear.

From now on, these fantastic monsters can be found in Minecraft PE. Thanks to the various mods for that.

Info: Vanilla Twilight is considered the most advanced modification on the werewolf theme.

Vanilla twilight

The presented mod makes the world of Minecraft PE an extremely dangerous place. After all, bloodthirsty werewolves will be waiting for you everywhere. Surviving in such conditions will be very time consuming, so you will need allies.

To find friends, you will have to go to the settlements of residents. As it turned out, the add-on has greatly updated the villagers and they have become quite warlike.

Important: Residents of Minecraft PE will be armed with a bow or sword, and powerful magicians have also appeared.

However, not all villagers will have weapons, but only about twenty-five percent of the entire village . At the same time, the danger in the form of werewolves will await the settlement almost always at night.

In addition to the deadly werewolves, Vanilla Twilight mod adds goblins to Minecraft PE . The presented creatures will be at enmity with the inhabitants of the settlements. In addition, nymphs, mimics and hagbats appeared.

By the way, users should also be wary of giants. After all, they have incredible strength and power.

The werewolves themselves in Minecraft PE look like ordinary residents in the daylight . Only under cover of night they turn into bloodthirsty monsters.

The Vanilla Twilight mod also brings necromancers, minotaurs, kobolds and other powerful creatures to the game. From all of the above, we can conclude that the addon developers have tried their best.


  • What does Vanilla Twilight mod bring to Minecraft PE?

    Mod adds werewolves, warlike inhabitants, and other fantastic creatures.
  • Where to find allies to fight werewolves?

    Allies can be found in any settlement.
  • What time of day do werewolves go hunting?

    Werewolves await victims exclusively under cover of night.