Minecraft PE

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Cherry Grove

Download Minecraft on android with a working Xbox Live and dig using a special brush.

Minecraft PE Trails & Tales Update

The developers of the famous studio Mojang continue to delight players with innovations. Archeology has been added to the Minecraft cube world Now players will be able to dig and find valuable, collectible items. In addition, some shortcomings and errors of previous updates have been fixed. In general, the version turned out to be very rich and rich in novelties.

Cherry Grove

I would like to start with a new biome in the world of Minecraft PE – the cherry grove. The location turned out to be very beautiful and with some even fabulous atmosphere. New trees are blooming everywhere – sakura.

Falling sakura petals also add beauty. Inside the biome, you can find sheep of various colors and cows. Also, bee hives and, accordingly, the bees themselves often spawn on trees.


First of all, it is worth noting a large-scale innovation in the three-dimensional world of Minecraft PE Archeology will be available to players. With it you will be able to excavate and find valuable antiquities.

New sand

In order to find old items you have to find new, special sand. Clay shards are hidden inside it, which were added with the release of Minecraft To carefully remove the antiquity and not damage anything, clean the sand with a special brush.

Excavation brush

With the new Minecraft PE, a special excavation brush has been added to the game. It will be useful for players who are engaged in archeology. With its help, you can carefully remove the fragments of clay from the sand. It didn’t damage anything.

Shards of clay

These are new items that are safely hidden inside the sand blocks. Clay shards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Having collected the right amount, you can craft a full-fledged clay pot in the world of Minecraft

Clay pot

Clay pots are created from fragments of clay found during excavations in the world of Minecraft PE Pots come in different patterns. So if desired, the player will be able to collect a whole collection. It will decorate your cubic house and greatly diversify the interior. Collect all sorts of variations of pots and create their own place in the home for them.

Cherry Blossom Biome

Developers continue expanding the choice of places players can visit during their travels. For example, in Minecraft PE, a cherry blossom biome appeared, where trees with pink petals grow everywhere.
You can find this location near mountain meadows.


  • Where are the excavations in MCPE

    In the desert.
  • What does Sniffer eat?

  • How many variants of the pattern on clay fragments are there in total?

    There are 4 of them in Minecraft PE