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Download a map for Mechanical House for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download the Mechanical House map for Minecraft PE : implement all your ideas in a modern and smart building, as well as explore incredible mechanisms!

The best maps for Mechanical House for Minecraft PE

The world and mechanics of Minecraft PE allows you to create mind-blowing buildings of any size and complexity in the game. It can be huge fully working computers or houses filled with mechanisms up and down.

It is mechanical houses that constantly haunt the players. After all, using a standard set of blocks, you can reproduce a refrigerator, an electric stove or even a TV in Minecraft PE.

For this reason, some mapmakers build large and not-so-large houses in the game.


A small but rather interesting mechanical house in Minecraft PE. With its help you will be able to settle on the banks of the river. So also on the border of two biomes : snow-covered plains and taiga.

Inside this modern high-tech building you can find mechanisms such as:

  • wardrobe with armor and its choice;
  • endless source of items at the touch of a lever;
  • safe chest.

Command Blocks

A rather interesting map for a mechanical house on Minecraft PE. Thanks to the use of command blocks that appeared after the release of the game, you can create incredible buildings.

This way players can enjoy many secret mechanisms like:

  • secret staircase;
  • automatic fuser;
  • table with swords;
  • disco rooms.


If you are a fan of various island towns, then this mechanical house card is perfect for you.

The player under the nickname XprofessorX has developed a location where more than 5 buildings with mechanisms are collected.

According to the author, in Minecraft PE, minecrafters will be able to try more than 70 cars , created with red dust.


A small map that allows you to explore the whole world around you in Minecraft PE.

To do this, the cartographer offers a piece of land enclosed by a fence, on which buildings such as:

  • mechanical house;
  • beacon;
  • runways;
  • aircraft;
  • farms;
  • missile silos.


  • What awaits users on the mechanical house card?

    At these locations, players will have to familiarize themselves with different houses, made in different styles, with mechanisms.
  • What is the best way to start survival on such maps?

    First of all, it is worth exploring your new home, and then, as usual, go to survive.
  • How many mechanisms are there on this map on Minecraft PE?

    You can find from 4 to 70 mechanisms.