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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of the Hellish Minecraft update for Android with a working Xbox Live : piglins, mountain goats, loose snow and much more!
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Minecraft PE – What’s New?

The release of the MCPE update brought the branch even closer to completion. This time, the developers took care of both the Nether Update changes and the Caves and Cliffs Update . This allows you to try out some elements of the future gameplay in one version.

To activate the gameplay using the new elements of Minecraft PE, you must activate the experimental gameplay in the world settings .


The main feature of the entire Minecraft PE Nether Update is the new mobs that inhabit all the biomes of the Nether. One of these types is piglins race . Their main feature is that they are obsessed with gold .

Throwing gold next to the piglin, you can exchange goods with it, or simply distract from you.

Please note that you can’t just walk next to a crowd of piglins – you must gold armor is required . Also, always keep in mind that in Minecraft piglins aggro immediately , as the player opens a nearby chest.

Loose snow

An interesting block has appeared in Minecraft – loose snow . It differs from ordinary snow in that you can fall into it. At the same time, a snow fog starts to be rendered around the player.

Also, when falling into loose snow, the movement slows down significantly. This can be very letdown in cases where the user is trying to escape from hostile mobs. However, it also can save you from certain death due to falling from a great height in Minecraft PE

Loose snow is currently only available in the Creative Inventory.

Mountain Goat

Mountain goats are kings of mountain biomes in Minecraft PE They can jump high and climb a wide variety of peaks. Also consider the fact that they are aggressive towards other animals and players that have entered their territory.

You can get milk, goat horn from mountain goats in Minecraft, and they can also be propagated.

Goat horns in Minecraft Bedrock can only be knocked out when the goat hits a block during a dash.

The sound of a goat’s horn is similar to the sounds that appear during a a marauder raid a village.


  • When to expect the full release of MCPE 1.17 Caves and Cliffs?

    The official release is scheduled for the summer of 2021, but the first beta versions should appear in early 2021.
  • Is it possible to get loose snow in Minecraft PE

    Alas, no, as the developers haven't added this feature yet.
  • How do mountain goats interact with loose snow?

    In Minecraft, goats can determine where is normal snow and where is loose and jump over it.