Download tsunami mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71
Authors: ProGraf and BFrue

Download tsunami mod for Minecraft PE and try to survive in a new world flooded with water!

Tsunami Mod – What is this add-on for?

Every player knows that there are no waves in the seas and oceans in the game. Water can spread, but at the same time it cannot go ashore. Therefore, the body of water can seem very boring. This modification will add variety to Minecraft PE. Because the game world is already will never be the same again .


This mod has some background . It tells about the causes of the tsunami in Minecraft PE. The story is told in the first person of one of the gods:

Recently, Steve came to us, who, having jumped off the mountain, committed suicide. All seven gods listened to him attentively, including me. After that, he asked to take a closer look at us. Coming close to me, he abruptly takes the staff of power from me . The gods were angry. Zeus shot him with lightning , but Steve, frightened, managed to hit the floor of the temple with his staff and was home in a second.

But as it turned out, the lightning bounced off the floor, and then off the wall and hit the god Perun. He cursed the staff of power out of anger.

The flood begins

After Steve returned home, he decided to use this staff. But since the staff was cursed, this caused the beginning of the tsunami in Minecraft PE. The only chance of survival is an island appearing in heaven.


Now Steve has a difficult survival in Minecraft PE. It is recommended to stock up on all the resources before the start of the big flood.

TIP: First and foremost, it is to accumulate grain and land in order to expand the island and not die of hunger.

There will be practically nothing on the island, except one tree and land .


The minecraftResource folder must be moved to the path games / com.mojang .

IMPORTANT! This tsunmi mod works only with BlockLauncher, so it may display errors on new versions.


  • What happens if you exit the game?

    Sorry, everything will be gone. This is a disadvantage of this tsunami mod. Will have to start over.
  • How can I stop the flood?

    Nothing. If it has begun, then you can only survive in such conditions.
  • Will I be able to hide in the caves?

    Yes, this is possible, but be prepared for the entrance to be flooded.