Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Beta Version

Download the free version of Minecraft with Xbox Live support and crawl around in the game.

What’s new in Minecraft PE

His fans were pleasantly surprised in several ways. Survival mode has been expanded and the game has become even more exciting thanks to unusual changes.

Users now have the ability to crawl and enjoy music discs. In addition, you can use sniffer eggs. These additions add more variety and realism to the game world. However, it is most likely that you managed to fully immerse yourself in an immersive virtual environment.

New mechanics

Minecraft PE update brought changes to the game mechanics. It has expanded your options and brought together new opportunities on an international scale. The introduction of the crawling feature gives you a chance to get into previously inaccessible areas.

This is a particularly valuable advantage in the recipe for survival. Now you have the opportunity to find shelter from pursuers. Slip through narrow passages. Most mobs can’t destroy them. This opens up new horizons and opens up new perspectives in the study of the game world.

Music disc

The latest Minecraft has several new items. Individual music discs stand out among them. Each of which has its own special melody.

This exciting addition to the game mechanics allows you to immerse yourself in the world of sounds and music. Now you can enjoy many songs during your adventures. The theme of the most attached game is even more atmospheric and emotional.

Sniffer Egg

Minecraft PE introduced a new unique item update called “Sniffer’s Egg”. This item can only be found in suspicious sands based in sea dungeons.

The egg is a rare consequence, and its discovery requires the use of an archaeological brush. Try to avoid damaging the shell. it is recommended to carefully excavate the sand.