Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download Minecraft for Android free with a working Xbox Live and use a new type of wood or try to make friends with camels that users can ride.


Minecraft PE will help make the cubic world even more interesting, and adventures in it more exciting. This time, the authors have prepared a lot of different novelties that are suitable for all situations and classes.

First of all, it is worth noting the appearance of the updated chiseled bookshelves, which will save all the books of the players. Users can also go to explore the territory, by riding a real camel. And, of course, the updated touch controls will make the gameplay more convenient.

The developers also warn about errors that may occur when moving through portals in a multiplayer game, which has not yet been fixed.


Players can meet these majestic animals in deserted villages, where they stroll in search of cacti. The developers have given these mobs the ability to transport two riders at the same time.

Therefore, in Minecraft, players can travel with friends. By the way, the creatures can overcome any obstacles on the way, because they can jump over them.

Another important feature of camels is that they are quite large creatures and the rider is at a significant distance from the ground, so walking monsters will not be able to attack him.

New skins

As all users know, there were two versions of skins for the player as standard in the game, in Minecraft PE, as many as seven more will be added to them. This can greatly diversify the gameplay.

Players can evaluate the changes right now in the character editor, where new items of clothing for each of the characters have also appeared.

Bamboo Raft

To enjoy a walk on the water in Minecraft, in addition to standard boats, there is also the possibility of crafting a bamboo raft. Add a chest to it and go on a trip or fishing trip, having everything you need at hand.


  • Which animal appeared in Minecraft

  • What unique abilities does the camel have in MCPE

    It can jump over obstacles and transport two riders.
  • How many new skins have become available to players?

    7 new skins.