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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live and meet a new dangerous boss, explore the dark nooks and crannies.

The second part of the update Cliffs and Caves in Minecraft

As the developers themselves say, in Minecraft PE, players will expect even more new products than before.

The add-on continues the general branch of updates dedicated to the caves.

This time players will be able to explore several new locations : rocky and snow-capped peaks, mountain groves and meadows, snowy slopes.

As you might guess, these small meadows are generated right in the mountains, so getting to a special territory will be problematic.

In addition, each of the locations in Minecraft is inhabited by special inhabitants. Mountain goats will help you find the desired area and explore it in great detail.


Varden lives in the new Minecraft biome , called Dark Depths. The main feature of the enemy is absolute blindness .

However, such a disadvantage does not in any way prevent him from moving around the surroundings of his den, on the contrary.

The mob very quickly pursues the object of its hatred, completely oblivious to the surrounding obstacles.
The most interesting thing is that in Minecraft PE to navigate Varden is helped by small antennas , which are located on the head of the beast.

The antennae sensitively pick up the slightest vibration around, thereby giving away the user’s location.

Karst caves

Now in Minecraft you can visit a new location. Karst caves are generated deep underground, which is why it is so dangerous to be here.

The immense darkness makes movement difficult, which slows down the entire research process.

Stalagmites grow on the floor of the cave, while stalactites can be seen on the ceiling.

Clusters from the drip easily collapse and can cause irreparable harm to the player in Minecraft PE

Sculk Sensors

The zygomatic sensor is a special unit that helps Warden track Steve’s location. The unit emits subtle signals, and also glows a little in the dark.

In Minecraft there are several types of sensor : sensors, vein, catalysts, screamers.

The blocks differ from each other only in appearance, but they all have the same properties.