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Trails & Tales Update

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Minecraft Bedrock Beta: Trails & Tales Update

With each new update, the cubic world is being transformed more and more active and it is no longer possible to imagine it without certain creatures and locations. At the same time, the constant updating of functions and territory makes its study even more interesting and exciting.

In Minecraft PE, players have a chance to get acquainted with an unusual creature, which is the first official dinosaur in the history of the game. Sniffer is unlike any of those mobs that have ever appeared in the game.

The winner of the vote

To meet this creature, it is worth going to those biomes where it is warm and there is a lot of vegetation. The chances of seeing a Sniffer there are much higher than, for example, in cold locations.

The fact is that he feeds on plant seeds and in order not to die, he is always looking for his favorite delicacy. In Minecraft, it cannot be tamed, but players can try to reproduce it.

Cherry Forest

The very name of this area, the Cherry Blossom Biome, states that here players will be able not only to find something useful for themselves but also to take a break from the difficulties of survival. In Trails & Tales Update, this area is located on the mountain plains.

Here users can meet animals such as rabbits, pigs, and sheep. Every player in Minecraft PE should visit this wonderful place.


In Minecraft, the developers of Mojang Studios decided to improve this feature, so now its use is displayed in the chat. Also, after creating a new character, he will automatically have 4 set emotions.

By the way, use keyboard shortcuts for quick application and enjoy the advanced selection interface.


  • Which biome appeared in Minecraft PE

    Cherry Blossom Biome.
  • What kind of plant can be used to propagate a Sniffer in MCPE

    Torch flower.
  • How can you tame a Sniffer?

    In no way, it cannot be tamed or applied.