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Minecraft PE – What’s New?

The developers from Mojang Studios have released another update. In Minecraft, the player can enjoy a more stable game by fixing most of the bugs.

Loose snow

Now, when staying in the snow biome in Minecraft PE, you should be careful. Indeed, besides the usual snow, there is loose snow here. In its texture, it is only slightly different from ordinary snow, but at the same time it has one feature.

And this feature lies in the fact that you can fall into loose snow . In this case, the user’s movement slows down, and the jump height decreases. This prevents you from getting out of here. This can be especially set up in those situations when it is necessary to run away from hostile creatures.


In Minecraft, the freezing effect was also added. He begins to manifest himself during a long stay in loose snow. The player itself is damaged by this effect.

Mountain Goat

A new inhabitant of mountain biomes in Minecraft PE The mountain goat can climb to almost any height as it can jump high . Also, this creature does not particularly like intruders.

This means that at any moment he can butt both the user and any other mob. Sometimes this can lead to death, because the player is pushed back a few blocks, and he can fall off the mountain.

Bug fixes

As mentioned earlier, in Minecraft we did a lot of work on the bugs:

  • incorrect sound from a creature walking through loose snow;
  • rabbits and silverfish fell through loose snow;
  • In some cases, shulker crates may have lost their contents.


  • How not to fall into loose snow in Minecraft PE

    Leather boots must be worn
  • Will the freezing effect disappear after the player gets out of the loose snow?

    You need to wait a bit for this.
  • Is it possible to breed mountain goats?

    Yes, with wheat.