Minecraft PE 1.19.80

Version 1.19.80 for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft 1.19.80 apk release: decorate your armor and complement the image with a beautiful and stylish shield, as well as learn about all the innovations.

Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.80: Trails & Tales Update

A wide variety of possible changes await players in Minecraft PE 1.19.80 Release. Firstly, it became possible to combine billboards with banners and thereby create very unusual and stylish items.

Also, players will be pleasantly surprised that now Sniffers reproduce using eggs, and can also find the seeds of another unique plant. In turn, Torchflower can be used for breeding bees, parrots, and chickens.


These mounts are great for long journeys because they are characterized by incredible endurance and unpretentiousness. The developers of Mojang Studios have fixed several technical errors that occurred when interacting with them.

In Minecraft 1.19.80, after the Camel sits down, he straightens his head. Also, his head will not touch the passenger when the creature looks up. Also in this version, all mobs will be correctly placed when moving using a Bamboo Raft.

New shields

Technically, the shield itself and its characteristics will not change in any way, and some new items will not appear in Minecraft PE 1.19.80. But at the same time, they will look completely different, because their appearance will change.

Simply combine shields with banners and create a unique style for your hero. At the same time, it is important to know that this only works on items without patterns and the flag cannot be reused.

Cherry Grove

Players have probably already appreciated all the possibilities and beauty of this amazing biome. At the same time, it continues to change, becoming an increasingly convenient and interesting place for walking and relaxing. In Minecraft 1.19.80, dandelions will not be generated here, nor will Tall grass grow.


  • Which plant appeared in Minecraft PE 1.19.80?

    Pitcher Plant.
  • What is Torchflower used for in MCPE 1.19.80?

    For breeding parrots and chickens.
  • How do Sniffers reproduce?

    Lay eggs.