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Download Minecraft PE 1.17.40

Version MCPE 1.17.40 for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the free version of Minecraft 1.17.40 with working Xbox Live and explore the new block mining mechanics, create a unique item to view the area, go in search of amethyst and tuff.

Features Minecraft PE 1.17.40

The released Beta of Minecraft 1.17.40 adds a lot of new features to the gameplay associated with the global update Mountains and Caves.
The most important is the appearance of new biomes and inventory items, unique ore mining mechanics. Users can now observe an improved system of item accumulation. Cave spaces are also decorated with blooming amethysts, tuff began to appear in the mineral deposits.

Drops of melting ore

In Minecraft PE 1.17.40, the mining process for some blocks has been changed. Relates to this innovation, first of all, subjects that are amenable to melting in the furnace.
For example, gold, copper and iron. Instead of the usual blocks, the user’s inventory will be replenished by special “drops”.
The system is very similar to the process of obtaining deep shale.
The developers have added such a feature to save space in the inventory. From now on the player can not worry during the exploration of caves, there will be enough space for all the materials!


A useful item with which you can observe objects from the other end of the map. In Minecraft 1.17.40 to create a spyglass is simple enough: combine iron ingots and a shard of amethyst.
It is noteworthy that using the spyglass produces the same effect as equipping a carved pumpkin.

Amethyst and Jodes

It should be noted right away that despite all the usefulness of the resource, amethyst cannot be mined. In Minecraft PE 1.17.40, any interaction with a block leads to its rapid destruction. Even if you apply red stone mechanisms, amethyst will still crumble.
The object is generated as part of the amethyst gems, in the very core of the structure. In addition, the object is often found in the expanse of caves, especially crystalline caves.


Tuff is a solid block, added in version 1.17.40 of Minecraft. To obtain tuff, the player must use a pickaxe, as only this tool is capable of extracting the block. Sometimes the object is found in mineral veins, along with gold and diamonds.
The only use of tuff is for decoration. The user can use it to create decorations for dwellings and buildings.