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Download the map for the bunker for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.15.0 - 1.20.81
Author: Nikita Babaed.

Download a bunker map for Minecraft PE and try to survive after the Apocalypse, or arrange an assault on a military base right in the game.

What will you find on the map?

Use one of the cards in our selection to get the feel like a military or a survivor . But this can be done very easily, especially with such a map and a suitable skin.

It is also worth noting the fact that mapmakers have already riveted a lot of different cards, and therefore we have selected the best for you.

Zombie Hideout

Once you load the map, you will first find a local checkpoint and a closed gate that you have to open. To do this, go through the small door next to the entrance to the zombie shelter in Minecraft PE and activate the lever.

It is important to note that this location is so elaborate that you may not even be able to find and visit all secret rooms, but there are quite a few of them here.

After that, as you exit, your gaze will see a huge tunnel that leads deep into the mountain. There you will stumble upon many different rooms , worked out to the smallest detail. Here you will find armories, bedrooms, a dining room and even hiding places. By the way, in order to find them you will need to use all your skills.

You can also try climbing the antenna tower to get a better view of your surroundings.


Quite an interesting location that has many differences from the previous map for Minecraft PE. You start your journey by getting inside the huge underground complex through the hatch in the house, which is located on a lonely island .

You can equip a house in Minecraft Pocket Edition, which will allow you to live in peace on the surface of the world, knowing that there is always shelter below.

Inside, the bunker is very versatile , because here you can find both a kitchen with a dining room and many different mechanisms. For example, automatic doors or refrigerator , which will allow you to plunge into the world of survival in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Redstone bunker

This map for Minecraft PE contains a compact bunker with redstone mechanisms . The hidden entrance to the shelter is located at coordinates -2, 70, 26. To open the door, you need to find a stone button.

Info: The hideout contains a smelter, forge, enchantment room and farms.

Then you will be taken to the lobby, where you need to put the key card into the dispenser and activate it. Then you will go down to the lower level of the bunker by the water lift.


  • How to get to the zombie hideout?

    Activate the lever that is hidden in the room next to the bunker entrances.
  • How to get inside Project-5893?

    Use the hatch inside a small house on a lonely island.
  • What can you do outside a zombie hideout in Minecraft PE?

    You can climb a huge tower to explore the surroundings, which you can then set out on an expedition.