Download Minecraft PE 0.3.2

Version MCPE 0.3.2 for Android

Download the full version of the Minecraft 0.3.2 update for Android and get acquainted with a new way to cook food and process ore in the oven, as well as find new resources!

Minecraft 0.3.2 – What’s interesting?

On July 16, 2012, the development team from Mojang Studios finally released the sequel to the global update. It was Minecraft PE 0.3.2.

This time, the team didn’t add as many innovations as in the first build, but this is offset by their importance.

After all, now in Minecraft 0.3.2 it will finally be possible to smelt ores, and the ores themselves will become available for interaction.


A small block that will help you not to die while fighting hordes of monsters. Indeed, with the help of such a furnace, ore can be easily smelted into ingots.

And already from them, advanced players and beginners will be able to craft items such as iron picks, axes and swords. With their help, all standard actions in Minecraft PE 0.3.2 can be done much faster.


However, the more resources and opportunities you have, the smaller the Minecraft 0.3.2 world seems to you, because it is limited in size.

So that you do not suddenly run out of a tree, the developers have added seedlings to the game. With their help, you can grow birch, oak and spruce.

To accelerate the growth of seedlings, be sure to use bone meal, which can be made from bones of the skeleton.


Also, the team did not stop at the existing cobblestone and tree. Minecraft PE 0.3.2 introduces functional ore.

It should be said that it was possible to find it before, but it was just an ordinary decorative block.

Minecraft 0.3.2 allows you to use and mine 5 types of ore:

  • iron;
  • diamond;
  • gold;
  • coal;
  • lapis lazuli.


Another important part of the Minecraft PE 0.3.2 update was the introduction of a unique crafting system into the game. It’s called MATTIS, which stands for Minecraft Advanced Touch Technology Interface System.

Such a crafting scheme makes it easier for beginners to enter, and at the same time, it is easy to develop.


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  • Какие предметы есть в Minecraft 0.3.2, но их нельзя получить?

    Любой блок или предмет можно добыть, скрафтить или выплавить в этой версии игры.
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    Из саженцев вырастают полноценные деревья.