Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live and use the new features of various items, as well as embark on an exciting journey on a camel.

What is new in Minecraft

Every user can explore new possibilities and explore the endless world right now. The developers are constantly improving the gameplay and updating it to make the game incredibly interesting and exciting.

A large number of technical failures and errors have been fixed in Minecraft PE By the way, the animation for some creatures has been improved and many new sounds have been added.


Construction has always been considered one of the most popular activities in the cubic world. Due to the variety of materials, this process retains its popularity even now.

Moreover, in Minecraft it became possible to use bamboo to build a comfortable and fast home for yourself.

By the way, it can be secured not only with the help of reliable doors or locks. For these purposes, such an object as the head of a mob is quite suitable.

It is enough to install it on the Note Block and the device will play the sound of this creature. Such a device will perfectly scare off uninvited guests, just do not forget to disguise it well.

By the way, to install the head on the block, the player now does not need to sit down.


The variety of items in Minecraft PE has been replenished with new variations of the use of standard objects. Now the bookshelves can hold up to 6 books, and also interact with Redstone.

Thus, players can arrange for themselves a secret passage right in the wall, which will be opened by clicking on one of the books. Just like in a fantastic adventure!

You can also make a sign on the building or place important information for guests using Hanging Signs. These items, already familiar to players, have received a new use case in this version of the game.


  • How many books fit on Chiseled Bookshelf in MCPE

    Up to 6 books.
  • How can I use mob heads in Minecraft PE

    To play their sounds.
  • How to use Hanging Signs?

    To place information on a building or fence.